Making furniture and decor decisions for your home is daunting. And expensive. With an endless stream of design inspiration, DIY advice and online shopping resources at your fingertips, it seems like you should be able to do it yourself. Inexpensive online room plans seem like a good option, but in reality, it takes a trained eye and years of experience to design a room well the first time. And avoid costly mistakes.

Saltwolf now offers personalized design advice for people who don’t want to hire a full-service designer, but still want a professionally designed home. Applying her interior design degree and fifteen years of experience running a successful firm, Lindy will identify the problems and present solutions, creating a professional design plan from which you can select, shop and purchase everything on your own timeline and according to your own budget.


2-hr in-person meeting

You finally have a professional designer in your home. Make the most of it!

Personalized Professional Design

A custom plan for the room (or rooms) you choose, completed within 4-weeks of your meeting:

  • Design Concept and Color palette, including paint colors if needed
  • “Do’s and Don’ts” based on your home’s style to follow when making design purchases
  • Floor plan/s with dimensioned furniture placement
  • Lighting suggestions and light fixture recommendations, as needed
  • Furniture selections including manufacturer, style, material, color and size (based on which plan you choose)
  • Styling and accessory recommendations, including guides for how to style your space
expert eye floor plan example
expert eye concept board example3
expert eye styling example


A video conference call to present your custom plan in detail, talk through each recommendation and answer questions. All plans are now yours to keep!

Follow Up

A second meeting, either in person or via zoom,  within 4-weeks after the presentation to offer support and final guidance before you are on your own.


Step 1
Determine which package best fits your needs from the options below. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure, Lindy can help when you meet in person.

Step 2
Create an account online, fill out some basic information about your home and pay the $500 deposit.

Step 3
Use the calendar link provided to schedule the date and time for your 2-hr in-person consultation. You will receive a detailed design questionnaire and request to share inspiration boards before your meeting. Note: the best outcomes are when all decision makers are present for this meeting!

Step 4
Meeting time! Lindy will come to your home to get to know you, discuss your design goals and problems, review the furniture and decor you have (if any), take measurements and photos, and learn why you aren’t satisfied. While she is there, you can ask her anything design related!

Step 5
Two to four weeks after your in-person meeting (depending on the scope of your project), your plans are ready! Once you pay the balance, you will schedule a 1-hr ZOOM presentation of your design plans. All documents will be sent to you and are yours to keep. All decision makers MUST be present for this meeting!

Step 6
Four-six weeks after the plan presentation, you can schedule a follow-up meeting with Lindy (either via ZOOM or in person) to clarify the plan and ask any final questions.

Step 7
Take Action! You have everything you need to implement the design plan yourself, in your own time and on your own budget.

What’s not included:

  • Kitchens or Bathrooms
  • Follow up texts, phone calls or emails after the final in-person meeting
  • Management of any tradespeople, either remotely or in person
  • Remodel or construction recommendations
  • Cabinetry or built-in design (only color recommendations)
  • Ordering, shipping, delivery or installation



If you have tried to furnish your home yourself and aren’t happy with the results, this is for you. You have most of the large furniture pieces, rugs and lighting in place, and have tried every possible configuration, but something just isn’t right. It’s time to call in a professional. Your design plan will include an assessment of what is wrong with the room (colors, layout, furniture size) along with detailed suggestions for how to fix it, using as much of your existing furniture as possible. We will also include recommendations for styling, artwork placement, and accessories to bring it all together.

$1,750 flat fee per room

Starting from Scratch

For homeowners with no, or extremely limited, existing furniture and decor. Did you recently move from a small apartment to a large home? Furnishing a second home? Or simply looking for a fresh start and want your home to reflect that? Your design plan will include a list of new furniture, decor, and lighting needed to achieve the design plan, including manufacturer, dimensions, and fabric. All recommendations will be sourced from major retailers such as Restoration Hardware, Crate and Barrel and DWR, available when your plan is presented. However, you can purchase from anywhere you like, whenever you like, and according to your budget, using the recommendations as a guideline.

$2,500 flat fee per room


How is this different from those cheaper online design websites?

Inexpensive online design programs do not employ professional designers. Their “consultants” often do not have any real-world experience, education or the actual skills of a professional designer. They do not come to your house or develop a personalized plan for you, they provide stock layouts using only the furniture they get paid to recommend, usually low quality brands. The person helping with your plan spends an average of 2 hrs on your project.
What is a “full-service” designer?
While full-service interior designer will often present a design concept, furniture plan and recommendations, they will also place all the orders, manage shipping and receiving, storage and help move everything into your home. For construction projects, they create detailed architectural plans for cabinetry, lighting, kitchen and bathrooms and select construction materials. They work hand in hand with the tradespeople and contractors and provide project management. This typically costs 20%-30% of your total budget, or $50,000-$100,000 over the span of your project, which is often 12-28 months.
I need a little help with multiple rooms, vs one whole room. Or… I need help with five rooms. What would that cost?
During your in person meeting, Lindy will assess your needs and the scale of your project and help you determine which package applies.  All design plans require a deposit of $500, based on the minimum project fee of $1,750. The deposit will be applied toward your total invoice at the presentation stage.
What if I don’t like the design plan?
Over 15 years of experience and countless projects, 99% of Lindy’s clients have been very satisfied with her initial recommendations. If clients aren’t happy with the design, it is typically due to two factors: 
1. Both of the decisions makers were not involved in the process and/or have opposing goals and aesthetics. When one person takes the lead, even if the other says “I don’t need to be involved,” it almost never works. Transparency and communication are key to good design, both between the designer and client, and between the clients.
2. Important information was not shared from the beginning, such as budget constraints or specific colors or materials a client doesn’t like (i.e., no leather). If clients take the time to complete the questionnaire and collect inspiration images to together, and discuss their desired outcome before the meeting, this is not an issue.  
What if I have questions or need help when I start buying everything?
A 1 hr video or in person follow up meeting is included in the package. This is typically scheduled 4 weeks after the design presentation to give clients time to process the recommendations, start shopping, get samples and measure out the furniture in their home. Lindy will be there to answer your questions and give you guidance on shopping and ordering.
I tried to order a sofa Lindy recommended but its out of stock. What do I do?
The current state of the furniture industry means things that are in stock today, might be out of stock tomorrow. We have no control over this and cannot re-select for items that are unavailable at the time you purchase. However, the beauty of your design plan is that in additional to specific recommendations, your design package includes dimensions, style and fabric suggestions for each piece. This is so you don’t actually have to buy the exact piece on the concept board. Want something cheaper? Like brown vs. camel leather? Want a rug with more pattern? No problem. You can implement your design plan however you want on your own timeline. Its your house, your budget, your family.
Its been 6 months since my presentation and I have a bunch of questions. Can I pay Lindy for just an hour of her time to help me?
Unfortunately, no. The reduced cost of this type of design plan means there is a definitive start and end date to your project. If you need help again in the future, you are welcome to sign back up for another plan.