Saltwolf Furniture is not Currently accepting orders

We founded Saltwolf on the promise to designers of improving the experience of sourcing upholstery for clients. Our commitments were online ordering, radically increased speed from order to delivery, free shipping, and frequent updates on your order.

Sadly the pandemic and ensuing supply chain chaos have nullified our ability to maintain any of these promises. We have worked to hold on until the world righted itself. But two and half years later, we are still waiting.

Our decision is, for the time being, that we will not be accepting new orders until we can begin again delivering on our brand promise of speed, ease, and straightforward communication.

In the meantime, we are happily fulfilling all of our current orders and if any current customers have questions, feel free to contact us at any time.

All our best,

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Saltwolf Hawthorne Chair in the Field