Continuing extraordinary circumstances impacting lead times for new orders

The Good News – We Still Have the Shortest Lead Times in the Industry

Despite the continuing impacts of the industry-wide supply chain issues involving a shortage of foam and, to a lesser degree, lumber, we are still, according to our research and feedback from customers, beating almost every other to-the-trade company by one to two months, or more.

However, the core of our brand mission is to empower designers with the information they need to thrive… even if this means making sure you are armed with the unvarnished truth that your clients don’t want to hear. For that, please read below.

The Bad News – Foam Shortages and Unprecedented Demand are Impacting Our Lead Times

Unfortunately, if you haven’t heard, the extreme winter weather that rolled through Texas some months ago damaged refineries and interrupted the supply chain of the raw materials needed to produce the high-density foam we (and every furniture producer) rely on. There are also more limited shortages in lumber and labor, along with the reverberations of past-COVID-related shutdowns. All of this colliding headlong with unprecedented demand for upholstered furniture and the result is:

Updated: June 24 , 2021

We are currently quoting worst case lead times of up to 18 weeks from order being placed to your order being ready-to-ship.

However, this is a dynamic situation meaning as the foam supply continues to recover we are working to accelerate our ability to clear our order backlog. The result of this is that we hope our lead time will begin to shrink as we move into and through the Fall.

As always, feel free to contact us for the most recent status on lead times.


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Lead Time Update

Due to continuing extraordinary circumstances, our worst-case lead times for new orders are running up to 18 weeks.