We started Saltwolf because we believe in interior design and interior designers.

While running our interior design firm, we experienced the tension of client expectations changing (Faster! More information!) while watching the traditional to-the-trade sources falling further and further behind. We knew it was time to start solving our own problems. So we closed our design firm and launched Saltwolf. 


Our DNA is:

By designers for designers.

Exclusively To-the-Trade only.

Wholesale pricing, no minimums.

Modern, online ordering, including product configurations.

Shortest lead times in the industry.
Free shipping with optional White Glove Delivery.
Email updates every step of the way.
Fabric availability on our website at the time of ordering.


We are Jordan and Lindy Williams. We live and work in Boulder, CO. And we believe in interior designers because we are interior designers.

Before launching Saltwolf, we ran our successful interior design firm, Westward Foundry. Thus we believe in the life-changing work that designers do for their clients. We believe the hard work, the stress, the anxiety, the emotional roller coaster that clients take us on is worth it. We get to make people’s lives better through design.

Jordan and Lindy Williams Saltwolf Co-Founders


Our Mission

To sustain and support professional interior designers and their clients with extraordinary products on a modern timeline.

Our Values

Quality & Impact

We will strive to make the highest quality products with the lowest environmental impact possible knowing that a product that doesn’t last has the highest impact of all.

Tradition & Imagination

We will honor the traditions and practices of those who came before us while allowing our imagination and the creativity of our customers to lead us to what’s ahead.

Humility & Courage

We will have the humility to always listen to our customers and the courage to heed to our own creative voice to create products that are loved by both.

Style & Audience

We believe that luxury isn’t synonymous with seriousness. We will strive to support those bold enough to embrace playfulness, eccentricity and surprise.


Saltwolf eight-way hand tied springs

Heritage Quality on a Modern Timeline

All of our pieces are hand-made to order by artisans in North Carolina. We use traditional construction techniques to make pieces that will last the test of time. However, we use modern production management to move orders from start to ready-to-ship faster than anyone in the industry.

Traditional Construction 

We believe in products that last. We build our frames out of Maple and Birch, and we guarantee our frames for life. 

Less Foam, More Comfort, Longer Lifespan

We build all of our seat cushions around an inner-spring core of lightweight, fabric-wrapped springs, which we then sandwich between a layer of high-density foam. We then wrap it all in a blanket of down and feathers.

The Perfect Back Cushion 

We build all of our back cushions with a blend of 50% down and feathers and 50% polyfill. We believe this is the Goldilocks of pillows: not too soft, not too firm, but just right.


We believe that a fundamental challenge to the interior design and to-the-trade home furnishing industries is the lack of transparency – transparency on all fronts: from pricing to production timelines to shipping to materials and more.

The industry has tried to protect itself by maintaining a curtain over its inner workings for years. But the result is that it looks increasingly out of touch in a consumer-driven world where clients expect the same level of speed and communication they get everywhere else. Fundamentally this leaves interior designers as the ones torn between the trade industry, which isn’t providing them the information they need, and their clients who are demanding it. 

At Saltwolf, our goal is to give you the interior designer, as much information as humanly possible, so you’re ready to answer any questions your clients have at any time.


We know that across the interior design community, there are as many different ways of charging for goods and services as there are designers. So to support all different pricing models, our philosophy is simple:

– Wholesale Pricing: We offer wholesale pricing to all designers on all orders. No minimums. No annual sales volume to hit or maintain.

– Retail Prices: We publish, for you, the retail price for every piece we sell so you can use wholesale and retail pricing to calculate your client price. If you work on a flat-fee basis, our pieces are an extraordinary value for your clients. If you split the discount, there’s a lot of margin to split. If your clients pay retail, well done!

– Free Shipping: We offer free shipping/freight on all orders. This means there are no freight costs to pay for separately from your order, track and chargeback to your clients after the fact.

Communication & Shipping

The only thing harder than finding the perfect selections for a project is tracking all of them after you have placed all the orders. Have they shipped? Where are they? Has your receiver received them? To help we commit to:

– Email Updates: We will send email updates at every crucial step of the way – receipt for your order, order in production, order complete, order shipped, and order delivery confirmation.

– Shipped Means Shipped: When we say your order has shipped, we mean that our freight partner is actively picking it up, and it is moving towards your destination. What we don’t mean is that it’s been loaded onto a container at the factory loading dock, but that container won’t actually depart until it’s full of lots of other people’s orders.

– Free Shipping: We want to eliminate another administrative/project management headache. With free shipping, there’s no after-the-fact freight cost to track, pay separately, and bill back to the client.

– Optional White Glove Delivery: While it’s always best to ship everything to a receiver and do a full installation for your client, there are still exceptions; those small furnishing only projects. The replacement piece for another order that went sideways.

Materials & Construction

Some clients want an obsessive amount of information. Some want none. Regardless, we want to arm you with all the information you need.

For information on how our furniture is made, please visit our Construction and Sustainability page.

For information on our materials, please see the bottom of our Materials and Samples page.

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Lead Time Update

Due to continuing extraordinary circumstances, our worst-case lead times for new orders are running up to 18 weeks.